LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton LV 2020 daddy shoes increased mesh surface sports sh

LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton LV 2020 daddy shoes increased mesh surface sports sh



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The new LV ARCHLIGHT daddy shoes of 020, come back to the field of vision with pop bright colors. The new technology sports shoes have perfect curves, the foot feels very refreshing and flexible, and the comfort is extremely high. It is casual and fashionable, super in line with the trend. Who wears the coolest shoes will look back!

The trend of the past few years has become popular, and it will continue to be popular for a long time. No pair of old shoes feels that they are out of date. LV old shoes are light and delicate. The legs are 1.8 meters long, and the legs are slim and tall. The legs are long and slender. , Trousers, short skirts and shorts can be easily controlled.

Help surface material: Selected cowhide material, with good flexibility and comfort, after wearing it, it will fit the foot better under the influence of temperature, natural and comfortable, breathable and dry.

Sole: natural rubber outsole material, elastic, good tear resistance, aging resistance and other properties.

Specifications: The heel height is about 5.5cm.

Features: A variety of very sweet and lively color combinations, super suitable for little fairies and sweet girls, the advantage is that they look good! good looking! good looking!



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Payment Terms︰ Western Union or bank transfer or Moneygram or xoom

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